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Submitted on
September 29, 2013


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[EDIT : October 6th 2013]

Bioware has posted my video on its "Mass Effect 3" official facebook page !...
Especially since they never published a fan-made video here before, this is the ultimate recognition !!! :D (Big Grin)
Click here for their post.

[Original Post]

My name is Archibald Pinault, I'm a huge fan of Mass Effect and I created A BRAND NEW ENDING in a 1h13 EPIC VIDEO with EXCLUSIVE CONTENTS !!!

« Shepard breaks the Catalyst Indoctrination,
The Krogan saved from the genophage launch the final assault,
The Rachni Queen comes to the rescue,
The Leviathans enter the game… and so much more ! »

And after 40 minutes of film with exclusive dialogues (original voices !) that totally rewrite the ending as you know it, comes a 20 minutes-long epilogue telling what each of the main characters becomes after the War. And lastly, 15 minutes for a crazy scene 5 years after the victory against the Reapers... I'll say no more !

Here is the Youtube link :

Mass Effect 3 Final Cut Ending [Cover] by Arch-21

Check it out ! And if you like it, share it with other ME players, spread the word… Shepard lives ! ;-) Thanks !

And here is the link to the new Codex Entries and Picture Gallery that go with it :


To do this video, I used dozens of models for XPS found here on deviantart. Here are the names of the people who extracted and/or retextured, and shared those wonderful models (a great thanks to them) :

Goha – SumireHaikuXNA - Just-Jasper – SonYume - The-JoeBlack - Aloren2 – Melllin - MIA-Lady (little---miss---mia) - MrGameboy2013 – TheKillerCobra – HatOfAss - Troodon80 - Obscure Memories – TheRaiderInside - Mad_Le_Zisell - Goreface13 - ignacio77 / nach77 – Sticklove – Haxxer – AniaDawson – Squiddy (sorry if I forgot any !...)

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this actualy satisfied the whole thing for me! so much better then the original ending
Many thanks, Solicxcosmo ! ;-)
mayby it is i who should be thanking you guys xD
Melllin Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As I ones wright on your youtube commets:
And as I replied back then :
Thanks a lot for your inspiring and helpful models, and for your support, Melllin ! ;) (Wink) 
Best fan ending ever. But I never complain about Bioware's ending. I'll give you a high five on that.
Thank you so much for the support ! :) (Smile) 
How I say before, this is a better final for the mass effect, I will consider like a real final jejeje.

Excellent work
Couldn't have done it without your great mods !

Thanks for this great comm ! ;-)
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